We have a love-hate relationship with our hard drives. We adore the fact that they store our data, but despise it when they crash — and we literally lose our minds when they get hijacked by hackers. Perhaps it’s time we admit that hard drives are more trouble than they’re worth. But is there a better, safer file storage solution? You bet there is and it’s affordable too. Keep all your files safe and accessible for life with a subscription to Zoolz Cloud Storage.

Zoolz Cloud Storage is the fool-proof way to store your files and protect them so they can never be permanently lost due to human error, hardware failure, or attacks by cyber criminals. With your subscription, you will receive a massive 3TB of digital real estate including 1.5TB for instant data backups and another 1.5TB that acts as a cold storage area. It’s safe, convenient, and very affordable.

But just how affordable is it? Get a lifetime subscription to Zoolz Cloud Storage right now for just $74.95 at Android Community Deals. That’s a savings of 96% off the regular price of $2100. When you consider how much you would have to spend on hard drives for the rest of your life, that price is a steal. And when you consider the added security, it’s practically a no brainer.