Traveling to another country especially for the first time is always a tough task. The past few years have seen travel guides replaced by smartphone apps and now WorldMate has refurbished its travel app to give users the ultimate tourist experience, wherever they may be going.

As your trip gets closer, WorldMate displays flight cards on your home screen that indicate your flight details, updates on your flight, and even driving directions to the airport (if you haven’t been there before). The app lets you do online check-in through your airline’s website, if it’s available, to save you a few hours of being early at the airport. It also reminds you how many hours from now before your next flight and the hours when you’re estimated to land. The updated app also allows you to make hotel and car bookings for your destination, including best hotel deals with their partners. If ever you also find yourself without a hotel at the last-minute, the app shows you the hotels near your area and you can book straight from there.

The new update also finally supports Android tablets as well, with all the same features like maps and flight tracking, but just on a bigger screen. For both the phone and tablet version, other travel tools have been added, like weather forecasts for your destination (you need to know what kind of clothes to pack!), a world clock (time zone adjustments can be pretty confusing), and flight search (for when you suddenly need an alternative flight).

And what’s a trip without sharing details about it, even before it happens. You can share trip details with your friends or colleagues who are also going with you. You can even use the app to remind your trip buddies if they’re already running late. Just be careful about sharing these details in public though because you never know who might be reading.

Download WorldMate on the Google Play Store


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