We aren’t sure there will be any all-night gaming sessions with this latest browser-based game, however it should be good for at least a few minutes of entertainment. This latest arrives as part of a Chrome Experiment. The game is World Wide Maze and it allows you to play your favorite website.

Well, to be more specific, Google uses the website to create the 3D maze that will serve as the area you play on. The game is in the browser and uses a smartphone as the controller. Both the computer and smartphone need to be running Chrome, however the process to sync the devices is fairly straight forward (you are given a capable walkthrough).

You can use Chrome sync to connect the two devices, or use an alternative method such as scanning a QR code. For those without a smartphone, or without a smartphone capable of running Chrome, there are also keyboard controls if you must play. Basically, connect your devices, pick the website that you want to play on and get to playing.

Otherwise, Google notes that “World Wide Maze employs 3D graphics powered by WebGL.” Basically, that is to say you need a decent computer to play. The requirements note a computer with a minimum of 1GB of RAM and a graphics card with 256MB. As for our testing, it was playable, but made the fan on our MacBook Air go into overdrive. Those looking to play can find World Wide Maze using this link.

[via ars technica]