Yes! Words with Friends can now be enjoyed on Android without those extremely intrusive and irritating ads that popup every single time a user does basically anything in the awesome scrabble game. I can hear just about every member of my family rejoicing right about now with this news. I’ve been waiting for an ad-free version of WWF for far too long so I’m glad to see this finally available.

Today Zynga has updated the highly popular scrabble game in the Android Market bringing tons of new features to their store including the option to purchase an ad-free version for 23 Zynga tokens. After checking it out it appears for a mere $2.99 users can enjoy the game completely ad-free. There has been various hacks and tweaks available for Words with Friends but now we have a solution right from the developers themselves. iOS has enjoyed this for a long time so I’m glad to finally see the option come to Android.

The update is available right now in the market and along with the ad-free option we also have a few other updates and improvements. The all new Word with Friends store allows in game purchases to remove the ads, and even a Word-O-Meter that will tell you how strong your chosen word is compared to what you could use with your rack. They also have a tile pile option that will tell you how many of each letters are remaining. Some might consider these cheats but if you want to spend the cash they can all be yours today.

Words With Friends Market Link