If you’re the type of person who constantly misplaces your wallet, haven’t you ever wished for the ability to ring it up so you could find it? As with a lot of digital “wishes” in our lives, some smart people have thought of developing that kind of tech, and now it’s almost a reality. A Kickstarter project called Woolet is probably the “smartest” one in the market and if you play your cards right, you’ll never ever lose your wallet again (well, unless you misplace both your wallet and connected smartphone).

Yes, the Woolet is a wallet that can be synchronized to your Android smartphone, ensuring that it is always connected to your person, given that we are always connected to our gadgets. The 9.9mm thin wallet is fully functional as a safekeeper of your money and credit cards. It’s also built to last because it is made from “quality, durable leather” and its design is something you won’t be ashamed to show off. It is also large enough that it can hold major currencies, not just your trusty ole dollar.


But of course the main feature of the Woolet is the fact that when you’ve synced it with your smartphone and set the distance (anywhere between 20-85 feet), it will give you an alert when you’ve left it behind or it gets stolen. It has a built-in distance tracker so you can see if you’re Marco or Polo to it, with an accuracy of up to 0.4 meters. Yes, your dream of ringing up your wallet can come true. And the app can also remember where it last detected it so you can retrace your steps. If all else fails, you can enlist other Woolet users in the area to help find your own. Oh, and just in case it’s your phone that you’ve misplaced, the Woolet will also let you know if you’ve stepped beyond the pre-set tethered distance.


It seems like a lot of people badly need this product because they’re way past their target goal of $15,000. And even if the product seems designed for men, that won’t stop the ladies from getting this smart wallet. If you’d still like to support the campaign, you can head over to their Kickstarter page and pledge your money, with 29 days to go.


SOURCE: Kickstarter