If you are a fan of Android tablets, a new SoC has been unveiled for the platform called the Prizm WM8710. The SoC is aimed at the entry-level Android tablet market and will also find its way into other devices like Smart TVs, wireless displays, and network projectors as well as Windows CE smartbooks. The platform is optimized for multimedia applications, has an optional MMX-enhanced DSP, and supports hardware video encoding.

The key feature of the device is an energy-efficient ARM 11 core running at 800MHz. The SoC supports full 1080p resolution playback of video and has an OpenGL ES 2.0 compliant graphics processor. It also has a multi-standard 1080p video decoding engine, DDR2/DDR3 DRAM interface. It will also support multiple outputs with HDMI, LVDS, TV-out, DVO, and VGA.

The SoC also supports a flexible networking and peripheral interface and has a hardware security engine as well. It has integrated interfaces for WiFi, 3G, and Bluetooth. WonderMedia will display a Prizm WM8710 tablet reference design kit at Computex along with a selection of innovative media tablets and smartbooks from various makers using the WM8650 platform.