There are some things in this world where the adage “size matters” can be considered literally. But then again, there are also those where “big things come in small packages” is applicable. A new device called WonderCube makes up in function what it lacks in size and on paper, it might sound too good to be true. But hopefully, it will really live up to its name, for the sake of the always-mobile and always-connected digital-loving people.

Basically, the WonderCube is a one-cubic-inch powerhouse that can serve as a device to charge your smartphone, sync it with your computer or laptop, serve as extra storage OTG (on the go, in case you didn’t know), and even as a viewing stand for watching videos or taking video calls. Now that’s a lot of functionalities for something that is so tiny, it can fit into your key ring. First of all, it doesn’t require any cables so no need to get all tangled up. It has a foldout flexible USB cord that is 3-inches when extended and 1-inch when folded, and has both lightning and micro-USB options. You can use this to charge your device anytime through any USB port. But in case you’re on the go and have no other way to charge your device, simply attach a 9V battery to your WonderCube to boost your phone, giving it an approximated 3.5 hours of extra talk time (significantly less if you would use it for playing games or browsing your apps).

The WonderCube can also serve as extra storage, with its micro-SD card reader supporting up to 64GB of space so you can transfer photos, videos, files if you need to free up space on your device. And you can then immediately back up or transfer these files to your laptop or computer. The WonderCube also has other functions, like it can serve as a portrait or landscape stand for when you want to watch videos (but you’re too tired or lazy to hold up your phone) and also as an LED mini torch.

But before you go out and tell the developers to shut up and take your money, it is still in its Kickstarter phase. In fact, the funding campaign will only start by March 9, but you can already pre-order your WonderCube by then. If you buy it through there, you will be able to get earlybird pricing, exclusive colors, and other perks that only supporters will be able to get.

SOURCE: WonderCube


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