Alphabet Wolverine X Moonshot

There won’t be any new X-Men movie in the near future but Google is said to be working with Wolverine. Oh, no. Not really. It’s just a secret project codenamed “Wolverine”. The name makes sense since Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has the “X” Moonshot Factory. It’s a research and development company that works on different things. The latest we heard is that it’s been working on a pair of wearable earbuds–the Wolverine. The earbuds are meant to enhance once’s hearing.

It’s not mainly for the hearing impaired but for anyone who wants to focus on one speaker in a particular setting. The idea is speech segregation with the use of an in-ear device.

The said wearable may come with sensors and mics. There is no confirmation yet but Wolverine is said have undergone different versions already. The physical design may not be final but the technology may be used on different form factors.

The technology sounds promising. It may go over speech segregation and offer more. There may be different applications but we have yet to discover them.

The Wolverine wearable seems like a concept for now. We like the idea but there is no telling if Alphabet will make it a reality. Alphabet is also said to be exploring a face-worn device. It’s code-named “Heimdallr”. It could be augmented reality related.

You see, Alphabet has started a number of projects only to be killed later on. It’s not exactly a bad thing because that’s normal when it comes to business. Now let’s wait and see if this Wolverine or Heimdallr will see the light of day.