A lot of mobile games are now enjoying so much traction for people who are self-quarantining at home due to the COVID-10 pandemic. But there are also games that are suffering a bit and that includes Niantic titles like Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Fortunately, the folks over at Niantic are finding solutions so people can still play their games and do the challenges even while at home. Pokémon Go recently introduced Remote Raid Passes but more interestingly, Wizards Unite is bringing a popular item from the book and movie universe: the Knight Bus.

The Knight Bus, if you’ve already forgotten, is something that stranded wizards and witches can use to get to where they’re going (if they don’t have floor powder and other things). Since a lot of people are basically “stranded” in their homes, you can use it to be transported to a Fortress at Hogwarts Castle where you can battle opponents using your Runestones. In the normal gameplay, you will have to be at a real-world location to do those battles.

Once you see a Knight Bus button on the map, you just have to tap it and you’ll be brought to the Fortress. You’ll still be able to do the other things you usually do and we’re pretty sure Niantic will be adding more features to help you play within the comforts of your own home. Even after the pandemic, you’ll still be able to use the Knight Bus is “here to stay”. We don’t know about the other features but at least you know this one will last a long time.

The Knight Bus will start appearing on your maps soon and will be available for players who are already at level 7 and above. If you’re not there yet, you might want to play the game a little more so you can go up and have the magical bus transport you virtually even as you’re stuck where you are physically.

If you haven’t played the game yet and you’re a big Harry Potter fan, this may be the chance for you to get into it. You can download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite from the Google Play Store for free.