There is no dearth of smartwatches in the market now but when a new device comes in with much-needed features, it’s always a cause for celebration. The Withings ScanWatch Horizon has been able to get FDA approval for two important features: ECG and SpO2 monitoring. And so it is finally set to launch in the U.S by next month after being available in Europe only. There seems to be a slight change to the name though as the word “Horizon” has been dropped and so we’ll be getting the Withings ScanWatch only.

Getting FDA approval for the two features is a huge boost for Withings as it will add very important health tracking options for users. The smartwatch will be able to monitor heart rate with its PPG sensor and therefore detect possible atrial fibrillation or irregular heart rhythm for users. They will be able to take an ECG and then send it to doctors that can give a better reading of the results. The device can also be used to monitor blood oxygen levels with its SpO2 meter.

The ECG and SpO2 meters are of course not as accurate as actual medical devices. But for those that don’t have those devices at home, having tools on their wrist is the next best thing. Devices that have these tools need to get the FDA approval in each country where they plan to launch it and it sometimes takes a while to get it (sometimes they don’t get it at all). So Withings planned U.S launch is a big deal especially since this is a huge market for wearables.

Aside from those two features, the ScanWatch also has the usual smartwatch features. It monitors your sleep patterns and may be used to detect signs of sleep apnea. It is also an activity tracker that you can use to track your steps as well as calories burned when you’re working out or doing some kind of physical activity. It is able to detect 30 different types of workouts including walking, cycling, or swimming.

The Withings ScanWatch will cost $279 for the 38mm case size and $299 for the 42mm one. They have not set a specific release date yet except it will be sometime in November. It will be available on the Withings website, Amazon, and Best Buy.


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