Withings ScanWatch Horizon Specs

We haven’t heard anything new from Withings recently. The last one was the Withings ScanWatch released in June last year. The wearable device could detect sleep apnea and irregular heart rate. We also remember those three products Withings released including a portable BPM-measuring device. The latest is this WITHINGS ScanWatch Horizon. It is described as the most durable smartwatch ever from the brand. As a pioneer in the connected health category, Withings knows how to come up with a powerful design plus functional features that really work.

The hybrid smartwatch looks like an ordinary, classic timepiece. It appears like a luxury diver watch but what’s inside are some medical grade technologies and features. The device can monitor sleep, breathing disturbances, ECG, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. It can track your physical activity.

For £499.95 ($672), this one boasts an analogue face design, stainless-steel rotating bezel, and laser engraved markings. You can say it really looks like a high-end
diving timepiece. You can use it in low light as made possible by the thick indices and Luminova hollow watch hands.

The watch’s casing is sapphire-glass and comes with titanium finish and anti-reflection coating. The wristband is stainless steel but a rubberised wristband is also available. The battery can last up to 30 days.

The watch is ideal for most physical and outdoor activities like swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports, thanks to its 10 ATM water resistance.