Around the same time last year, Withings released new products including a portable BPM-measuring device, a medical armband wearable device, and a hybrid analog watch. This time, a new wearable is out that does other extraordinary things. The new Withings ScanWatch is said to detect sleep apnea and irregular heart rate (AFib). Now that is one powerful smartwatch there as it can detect other stuff not easily detected by normal wearables. The Apple Watch has introduced something similar but it’s presently facing a patent lawsuit.

Withings wants to follow and help save lives with the ScanWatch hybrid smartwatch. Like the Apple Watch, this one comes photoplethysmography (PPG) to monitor the heart rate. It looks at a 30-second ECG measurement to see if there is an irregular heart rate. During an ECG reading, the wearer must touch the bezel. The data must still be presented to doctors though for diagnosis.

Sleep apnea can also be detected with the Withings Scanwatch. What it does is check measure oxygen saturation levels with the help of a SpO2 sensor which may tell if a user has sleep apnea. It’s only one indication but it can tell if there are breathing problems.

With these features, smartwatches become smarter than ever. It can track heart rate, calories burned, and sleep, as well as, detect possible health problems. They only help in detection so make sure you still consult with professionals. Don’t self-diagnose.

The Withings ScanWatch will be available next quarter (Q2 2020) in two sizes: 38mm and 42mm. Prices will be $249 and $299. Let’s wait for another announcement about the market release of the new health and fitness smartwatch.