There are a lot of health and fitness-focused devices in the market that it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming trying to choose the best one. Withings is adding three more new products into the mix and they’re hoping that their brand is strong enough to convince consumers to go with them. After all, they’re one of the pioneers when it comes to the health tech market. The three new devices include a hybrid analog watch, an ECG-monitoring portable device, and a “hardcore” medical armband wearable device.

The Withings Move device is probably one of the most affordable hybrid analog watches that you can find in the market. It has mostly analog features but also can be connected to your smartphone so it can track your stats and movement. It can track your activities and workout, as well as your sleep activity. Plus it boasts of a stylish and customizable design. It will have 5 colors at launch but later on will launch full customization options like with colors, cases, wristband materials, and watchfaces. It retails at $69.95 and will be available in February but those in the US can pre-order now.

The Withings Move ECG meanwhile is a more advanced and also more expensive device. As you can surmise from its name, the device comes with electrodes that should measure your electrocardiogram or ECG during times when you need to monitor it. It’s also a hybrid analog watch and has all the other tracking features like with Move. It’s important for those with health issues to have a portable ECG monitoring device to detect atrial fibrillation (AFib). It’s still waiting for clearance from the FDA and CE but it’s priced at $129.95.

The most expensive and most sophisticated among the three devices is the Withings BPM Core. It’s also the biggest but actually unlike the two, you don’t have to wear it all the time. It’s a medical armband and measures your blood pressure, takes your ECG, and has a digital stethoscope to measure your valvular health. Given all these, it’s not surprising at all that the price is $249.95. However, they also still have to get certification so it won’t be available yet.

All three devices will be on display at the Withings booth during the Consumer Electronics Show happening January 8-11 in Las Vegas.

SOURCE: Withings