The team behind the brand has bigger plans for Withings when it reacquired the brand from Nokia. The latter may have good intentions for the digital tracking system but wasn’t able to make it more relevant. Since the reacquisition, we’ve seen the Withings Steel HR Sport and here is a new one: the Pulse HR. This health and fitness tracker is all set to help you move at the speed of life. In this day and age, there really is no reason for you (and me!) not to work out because we have all the tools, apps, and reminders.

Pulse HR is described by Withings as an advanced health and activity tracker. It can track all your activities and training sessions if you’re really serious with getting fit.

The wearable device tracks your sleep and maps your route with GPS. It connects you to your phone as you can receive notifications for important stuff like a text message or email.

On a single charge, it can last up to almost three weeks (20 days). Just wear the band during a workout and you’ll be able to track all the information you need from sleeping hours to heart rate and distance or just about any of your daily activity goals.

The Pulse HR by Withings boasts of a 16L stainless steel case and polycarbonate surface coating. The design is minimalist so you can really focus on what’s important. Price tag reads $129.95.

SOURCE: Withings