We’ve expected our watches and headphones to be “smart” for some time now and apparently, we also want our weighing scales to be smart as well. Withings has previously released some smart scales but the newest one, Body Scan, is its most advanced so far. It is now able to not just give you your weight but is also able to measure your ECG, segmented body composition, and even your nerve activity. Aside from being smarter than all other scales, it will also be one of the most expensive ones in the market.

The Body Scan has already won some CES 2022 awards with its advanced readings for things like body composition (fat/water in arms, legs, torso), nerve activity through your sweat, vascular health, 6-lead ECGs, etc. Design-wise, it’s similar to the Whitings Body Cardio with its high-strength tempered glass construction but now it comes with four weight sensors, 14 ITO (Indium tin oxide) electrodes, and even four stainless steel electrodes attached to its new handle.

This handle is able to let safe, low-level electrical signals pass through your body so it can detect things like heart arrhythmia with its 6-lead ECG through two sets of electrodes on either side of the handle and one at the base. It can detect hearth patterns that are associated with atrial fibrillation through the embedded algorithm and it sends the information directly to the Health Mate app. These details can be shared and read by your cardiologist or other medical professionals.

It has also improved the accuracy when reading your weight and it is able to give you multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) so it can measure things like whole-body fat and water percentage. It can even give you readings into your visceral fat, muscle, and bone mass for individual body parts. Withings has partnered with Impeto Medical for a feature that can assess nerve activity by tracking sweat gland activity in your feet.

Having all these features will probably give the Withings Body Scan a price range of more than $150 (the price of their current Body Cardio scale). Plus, you’ll get a subscription service as well to get all this information. It is expected to be released in the second half of 2022 so we’ll get more information about pricing and availability in a few months.


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