Samsung Pay is a success especially in its native Korea. It may have a number of rivals already but it’s one of the most popular in South Korea. It’s not even a year since it was launched but millions of people have already registered for the mobile payment service. Millions of transactions have been completed using Samsung Pay. We’re expecting more will join the bandwagon as the tech giant continues to sell the latest premium flagship phones. As we all know, only a few Galaxy phones support this mobile payment service.

Those in South Korea can soon enjoy the advantage of withdrawing cash from an ATM even without any debit card as long as he or she has Samsung Pay on the phone and has an account with Woori Bank. This feature doesn’t work with other banks or financial institutions yet but expect more will follow. Samsung has been working with more groups to expand the business and reach more consumers. It has also added support for more membership cards and more gift cards, as well as, rewards and benefits programs and online payments.

The new features are only available in South Korea for now. There’s no mention yet if and when they will roll out in the United States or China. The two countries are the other two key markets of Samsung Pay. The service will soon be ready in the UK, Spain, Canada, Singapore, Brazil, and Australia.

Samsung Pay is supported on the following devices: Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S7, and Galaxy S7 edge. Availability may be limited so you can say it’s exclusive for now. Samsung said it will be available in other Galaxy phones although there’s no timeframe given.



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