The Atrix, the first dual-core phone here in the U.S. brought a lot of power to the table, but it also brought a lot of heartbreak. The heartbreak at its locked bootloader helped push ahead the FreeMyMoto campaign which helped get a response from Motorola. While we’re still waiting on an official solution from Motorola, the Atrix has, through a bit of trickery and an engineering build, found freedom, and with that freedom comes the good stuff.

Already the first real fruits of developers work has started to show up. There are already a couple custom kernels popping up on the XDA forums, including one which allows overclocking to 1.2 GHz. Both kernels are still in early development, so the final extent of the improvements aren’t clear yet, but increases of a couple hundred in Quadrant have already been noticed.

While none are there yet, custom ROMs will hopefully follow soon. In fact, FreeMyMoto has recently tweeted that the Atrix it bought with donations to give to the unlock effort has been sent to a CyanogenMod dev since the bootloader has since been unlocked. Freedom is here for the original dual-core beast, and boy is it sweet.

[via XDA]