Wireless retailer Wirefly has unboxed a pre-production model of the Verizon HTC Thunderbolt and posted the video on Youtube.  The phone comes in a mysterious black package that has all the traditional accouterments.  And aside from some slightly comedic difficulty getting the phone out of the box, there’s some really interesting details.

The phone comes with a 32GB microSD card (amazing how huge those things are getting in capacity, isn’t it?),  it has a 1Ghz processor, the same 4.3 inch touchscreen available on the HTC Evo, two cameras (forward facing 1.3mp for video chat and 8mp for HD video and still shots), a dual LED flash, and the cool “kick stand” made popular by the Evo.  Currently, the Thunderbolt is being shipped with Android 2.2.1 (Froyo).

And in addition, there’s apparently word coming out that Verizon may be delaying release of the Thunderbolt to costumes from it’s debut on Valentine’s Day.   In addition, Verizon may also be delaying roll out of it’s LTE mobile hotspot feature as well.  There’s no ETA as to when the roll out of the Thunderbolt will occur, but it looks like Valentine’s Day is out.   That’s a drag for those hoping to get it as a profession of love from that someone special.

[via Engadget]



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