Wirefly, the online mobile device retailer, has apparently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The website is down, and various employees of their parent company Simplexity have taken to Twitter to note they’re out of a job. Overnight, the company went from busy to bust for many consumers — and seemingly every employee.

Simplexity employees have expressed shock at their sudden lack of employment, with one person noting he had been there over a decade, and now finds himself suddenly unemployed. Others echo similar confusion at the situation, but none seem to have a good idea of what happened. One employee took to Google+ to cheer on his fellow former colleagues, but nobody seems to be saying that trouble was looming.


One lucky consumer got a representative to admit, via Facebook, the company had filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Other customers are wondering what will come of their purchase, as those with outstanding orders have no idea where their money or products are now. Via the Facebook conversation, it seems as though refunds will be issued, but it doesn’t seem everyone is getting that message. More often than not, customers are screaming into the wind and getting nothing back from Wirefly.

It should be noted that Chapter 7 is a lot different from Chapter 13, which is the bankruptcy filing we typically see a company go for. With Chapter 13, debts can be reassigned and deals can be worked out. Chapter 7 is liquidation, and essentially means a company has thrown in the towel. We can say goodbye to Wirefly and their oddball rules, but they should at least give customers their orders or money before they slink off into the shadows.

Via: Twitter, Facebook, Google+