Google Pixel 6 Pro

The Pixel 6 Pro is still a favorite subject. It’s been only a few weeks since Google launched its new 2021 flagship offering. There are two variants ready: the regular Pixel 6 and the Pro model. For the latter, we noted recently the flickering display problem. A fix is on the way and we’re hoping no other problem will surface like in the previous reviews. If there will be issues, cross your fingers the tech giant will respond to them right away.

This isn’t exactly an issue but the Pixel 6 Pro isn’t as fast as the Galaxy S21 Ultra if we’re talking about wired fast charging. We can’t really say you can easily compare the two because the specs may not be equal but the Pro is Google’s latest ultimate phone offering.

But then the Pixel 6 Pro is supposed to be faster with its 30W charger. Samsung only has a 25W charger. A source tried charging the two in airplane mode from 0% battery. Both the Adaptive mode and Protect Battery charging have been turned off in the spirit of fairness.

The clear winner is the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Both phones are equipped with a 5000mAh battery but come with different power management systems.

A full charge has been reached by Samsung in an hour and 12 minutes. At this point, Google’s flagship is only at 87%. The Pixel 6 Pro has to be charged in two hours and two minutes.

What does this experiment tell us? That a faster or more powerful charger doesn’t always guarantee fast charging speed. Everything will depend on the device and the system being used.


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