If you’re one of those who enjoys seeing people run, jump and dive, and of course be honest, fail at several physical challenges, then you must be a fan of the reality competition series Wipeout. The hugely popular show which has been on air for the past 6 years shows contestants competing in “the world’s largest obstacle course”. Now you get to compete once again in the show without even lifting your butt from your chair with the Android game Wipeout 2.

The first iteration of the game won various mobile game awards for its almost-as-exciting-as-the-show gameplay and so naturally, the developers would want a sequel. This time around, you have 135 more levels to tackle as you do your best not to, err, wipeout, at any of them (although admit it, the fun of watching the TV show is seeing people do just that). One fun thing about the Android game is that you get to be different zany characters and this time around, there are 10 new ones, including a pirate, a popstar and the inescapable zombie.

There are also 150 new kinds of obstacles plus if you want to unlock special rewards, you need to beat the Course of the Day. You can also indulge your competitive spirit by competing against your friends as your progress is shown on a social map and leaderboard. You can upgrade and customize your chosen character to give them more power through crazy costumes that will give them abilities like teleportation, speed boost, etc.

You can download Wipeout 2 for free from the Google Play Store. There are some in-app purchases so remember to fix your settings if you’re letting your kid play the game on your device, unless you want unauthorised charges on your credit card bill.