A few guys from Remedy Entertainment, Rockstar and Supercell got together and formed their own game studio called Playraven. They are putting out their second game to the Google Play Store today, a strategy game called Winterstate. The initial graphics are awesome to look at, and don’t look now, you might get addicted to this.


Winterstate places you in a gaming world where climate disaster has torn society apart. What exists now are ragged bands of survivors roaming the frozen landscape in all kinds of makeshift attack vehicles. As a player, you get to fight back against the bandits to protect Winterstate. You can protect and raid, trade precious goods and collect iconic yellow cabs, monster trucks and fire engines, fit them with an arsenal of different weapons to keep these bandits and raiders at bay.

The gameplay is pretty simple, but the gorgeous detail and artwork might just draw you in. Playraven is calling this game a “Tactical Combat Trader.” Players get the ability to control/direct vehicles, experience massive explosions, collect and trade – this might just be the next exciting RTS we’ve been waiting for.


Check out the download link below – it’s free to download with IAPs. Play the game and tell us what you think about it. We’re getting in a few gaming sessions ourselves.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store