Yesterday, Google announced the winners of the Android Developer Challenge 2. The way this is done is by a combination of votes from Google-selected judges, who represent 60% of those votes. The rest, which is 40% of the votes, are constituted by the community.

The Overall Winner – or Top Three – apps are; SweetDreams, What the Doodle!? and WaveSecure. Now, if you want the whole enchilada, err…sorry, I’m hungry. If you like to check the full list of winners, which stretches up to 200 apps, click here.

SweetDreams – is a revolutionary tool that will finally allow you to go to sleep without worrying about changing your phone settings in order to avoid unwelcome late night calls. And it helps you to save battery power as well.

What the Doodle!? – is a real-time online multiplayer game where one player tries to draw out a given phrase and others try to guess it. It features, amongst others; Team games and integrated Voice Recognition.

WaveSecure – is a complete mobile security solution that protects your device, data and privacy.
1. Track your phone’s location and who is using it.
2. Lock down your phone remotely, making it worthless to the thief.
3. Backup all your data.
4. Wipe out your data remotely.
5. Restore your data. May the Force, err…Phone be with you!