If you have Google Glass, and are an RSS junkie, good news (pun!) is here. Winkfeed, a new app for glass, aims to keep you informed while on the go. The heads-up technology now gives you the heads up on news in a flash. It works, like all Glass stuff, via the Glass app available for your smartphone, then pushing the content to your eyeball.

Winkfeed is unique in that it was built — and designed — exclusively for Google Glass. Their website notes a simple interface that allows for subscriptions to be had upon sign-in, and even gives you updates on a schedule of your choosing. In the spirit of Glass, Winkfeed will also monitor social activity and push notifications to you when something big happens. If you’re hot on tech news, and the Nexus 5S drops in January, Winkfeed will let you know. Yes, we made up Nexus 5S. No, we didn’t make up the Winkfeed thing — that’s real.

Perhaps even better than keeping tabs on news and social activity regarding stuff you want to know about is Winkfeed’s interaction with Pocket. If you don’t want to pull eye muscles reading long stories, Winkfeed will allow you to save your article to Pocket for later reading. Now, if you’re cycling through articles and find something during the kids’ tee-ball game you want to read later that night, Winkfeed has you covered.

There is no information regarding RSS feeds being ported over, so you may have to build it from scratch with Winkfeed. The sites on offer are limited, but you can put in your own websites manually, which is handy. If you find yourself not wanting to see updates at certain times, Winkfeed allows for ‘Quiet Hours’, too. For Glass and RSS, Winkfeed is as good as it gets.