John Gruber is well known as an Apple fan, but he unsurprisingly has an opinion on Windows Phone 7 and Android as well. ┬áHaving played with a phone running Microsoft’s new OS for roughly five minutes last week, Gruber revealed on his podcast (just before eight minutes in) that he was “really impressed” and that Windows Phone 7 feels more thoughtful than Android.

That thoughtfulness, Gruber suggests, is absent from Android, which feels like it was put together by multiple teams working separately. ┬áHe particularly praises the software keyboard and iPhone-like absence of latency in typing, navigating and scrolling, as opposed to a “jaggy” Google Nexus One (which Gruber tried earlier in the year; no word on whether it was running Android 2.1 or 2.2).

In all, while he concedes he only had a few minutes with the prototype, Gruber says he’d be more likely to pick a Windows Phone 7 device over an Android phone.

[via Business Insider]