Windows 7 ZenFone 2

Windows running on an Android device? It’s possible. Not that we doubt it can never happen but honestly, there is no need, right? But then with Android being an open source platform, developers and the whole Android community can do anything with the platform. A senior XDA developer managed to install Windows 7 on an Asus ZenFone 2 powered by an Intel processor. Thanks to the Intel chipset used, an Android phone can now run full Windows.

XDA Senior Member ycavan started this project as an experimental mod but installation turned out to be successful. Procedure was described as complex but it was possible. Ycavan has provided complete steps to installation and we’re telling you only those who understand bootloading and flashing can do this.

To install Windows 7 on the ZenFone 2 would require you to do the following: unlock bootloader, flash a kernel, partition SD card, and run several terminal commands. A virtual machine will then proceed with Windows 7 installation.

Feel free to check Ycavan’s thread for complete instructions. He even said that this installation is also possible for Windows 10 and Windows 8 but with different ISO. I know a few who own a ZenFone 2 that might be interested in running Windows on their smartphone. And after this, we’re expecting more modders will follow suit in trying to run not just Windows but other desktop OS like Mac or Linux.

VIA: XDA Developers