Microsoft has finally announced the official release date for the next big Windows version. According to the company, Windows 11 will begin rolling out in phases starting October 5, 2021. The new operating system will be available for free upgrade on all compatible windows 10 PCs and will come pre-loaded in the new hardware. According to initial information, Windows 11 was to launch with built-in Android apps, but latest reports indicate, this is not likely to happen when Windows 11 is launched next month.

As it is norm with Microsoft, the new Windows upgrade will be available in phases starting from October 5. The new eligible devices will receive the Windows 11 upgrade before getting available for other devices, but per GM Windows marketing, Aaron Woodman, the free upgrade will be available to all devices by mid-2022.

This timeframe is more important for the users who were expecting Android support from the word go. This is not happening because not all advanced features are expected at launch. The Android apps on Windows 11 will most likely launch for users only by mid-2022.

There is no official information about this delay. Presumably though, this is because Microsoft requires more time to even out the features in partnership with Amazon and Intel.

For avid buffs, select Android apps are already available on Windows devices through workaround but if you’re waiting for the new native experience you may have to wait a little longer. This wait could be as long as the Windows 11 rollout to reach all eligible Windows 10 devices, which is only going to be mid of 2022.