Windblockers might look like carved Ping-Pong balls or those little foam orbs you get from the craft section at Walmart, but that isn’t what they are. These little devices are made to attach to your smartphone mic and block wind noise so you can have a clearer conversation without shouting.

Windblockers clamp onto the edge of your smartphone over the mic hole and block out wind noise. That means the person you are talking to can hear you better. If you tend to stay inside when you would rather be outside in case an important call comes in, this might be just the ticket.

It appears that the orange tabs are actually the ears to a small clamp hidden away inside the ball of foam. These simple little devices were unveiled at MWC this week.

It does look a bit like you have Ernie’s use on the bottom of your device but better calls in windy condition is a trade off many people will make. One key bit of info that we don’t know about the Windblockers at this time is how much they will cost. Considering their relatively simple design, the cost shouldn’t be much.

SOURCE: Gizmodo