Wind River, a member of the Open handset Alliance (OHA), has announced that they will begin to offer a commercial software solution based off of Google’s Android platform. This solution is designed to comprise software systems integration services and compatible commercially supported Android software platform for both handset manufacturers and developers looking to develop for Android.

Wind River joined the OHA back in November of 2007, but we have not heard very much out of them at the time. In addition to this announcement Wind River also announced that Kyocera Wireless Corp. to help develop a new product that incorporates Android, can you say cheap Android phone?

“Wind River is leveraging its deep involvement with the Open Handset Alliance to offer a Wind River supported and maintained Android solution to companies planning to deploy Android,” said Jason Whitmire, general manager of the Mobile segment at Wind River. “This is compelling to manufacturers and operators because it mitigates the cost and risk associated with open source solutions.”

Wind River’s software integration services include end-to-end Android implementations including the customization, testing tailored to customer’s devices and optimization.  Currently these services for Android are being sent to customers worldwide.  Earlier on in 2008, Wind River partnered up with Texas Instruments, NEC Electronics and STMicroelectronics to demonstrate the Android platform at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. As with most new Android breakthroughs this should be available in the first half of 2009. It seems to be a growing trend to not give any specifics in reference to a release date on anything Android related.

[Via MoneyControl]


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