Much of Canada lives near the border to the United States, and venturing into the neighbor to the south can be particularly frustrating when considering the communication hurdles. Facing roaming fees for mobile usage is a head sratcher for all involved. T-Mobile recently took care of the frustration for US customers, but that didn’t help Canada. Wind Mobile, however, is doing their part.

Starting Monday, Wind will offer a $15 add-on to plans, which gives users unlimited use free of roaming charges. Talk, text, and data are all included, and is available to all 650,000 Wind customers across Canada. It’s almost identical to T-Mobile’s Uncarrier approach, with one of their moves being to alleviate roaming when traveling to more local or popular destinations.

“While wireless prices in the Canadian marketplace remain very high, we at Wind Mobile continue to challenge expectations and offer our customers real value” said Pietro Cordova, Wind CEO. Though Wind may be bringing the same kind of attitude about roaming across the border as T-Mobile, they stop short of cutting customers off at the knee. T-Mobile’s roaming data is at severely reduced speeds, something Wind isn’t subscribing to.

In contrast to T-Mobile’s 2G data, Wind is offering true high speed access to its customers. So long as they’re on an HSPA+ network that can handle it, Wind will let their customers enjoy the same level of service they might enjoy back home. It’s a bold move by Wind, and one many customers — in Canada and elsewhere — would like to see duplicated.

VIA: Re/Code