It seems they have moved on from the Taco Bell Chihuahua named Gidget that was used for years of advertisements for Taco Bell and now they are offering some mobile gadgets for everyone to get in on. Right now at participating Taco Bell stores you can win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ (not the new 10″) just by buying a large drink or any combo.

I spent a few minutes over at the Taco Bell/Pepsi/Samsung official page and it looks as if they will be giving away 936 Samsung Galaxy Tablets, yup 936. The promotion is already started and will end on July 31st and all you must do is drink or pour out that large beverage and find a code imprinted on the bottom. Then text or email the code to be eligible to win. You can input the code here if you don’t have a cell phone.

You Del Taco fans might have to spend a few dollars at Taco Bell over the next few weeks and hopefully you’ll win a new tablet. For me my favorite thing from either taco joint isn’t a taco at all, but the Bacon Double Del Cheeseburger at Del Taco but I’m not a big fan of any fast food although In-N-Out sounds good now I think of it. More details available at the source.

[via Taco Bell]