Who likes free stuff? Starting today, August 8th and running until the end of August you all better start following @Motorola over on Twitter. Every day until August 31st they will be announcing something called “Lightning Hour” on Twitter and their Facebook page where readers can sign up to win a free PHOTON 4G and other cool accessories like the HD dock or car dock, we reviewed all of that so check it out after the break.

Motorola will be giving away 96, yes 96 PHOTON 4G phones and even more accessories. For all the details on this amazingly lightning fast phone and all its accessories check out our full PHOTON 4G & Accessories Review, we also loved the new camera app. The first “Lightning Hour” from Motorola has already started if you’ve been following them on twitter and they just posted this tweet.


Basically make sure you are following them on both Twitter at @Motorola and on Facebook and every day when they announce the lightning hour rush over to the Lightning Facebook Page to enter. As always don’t forget to follow your favorite Android site (Android Community of course) over on Twitter at @androids

Good luck readers, I hope a few of you win!