It’s a question we’ve been asking ever since Xiaomi unveiled the Mi Mix 3 back in October. It’s been almost three months since Xiaomi’s latest flagship phone surfaced but we’re still not over the device. It made an impression with the dual selfie cameras and 10GB RAM. The phone already earned a nice spot on DxoMark with a score of 103, placing third on the list. A new variant may be revealed next week with 5G support. That is once again a big move because Xiaomi will be one of the first to introduce a real 5G phone.

Now the phone is getting the honor to be the first to be tested by JerryRigEverything this 2019. Zack Nelson has started the year by scratching, burning, and bending the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.

So what’s Zack’s verdict? Watch the full video below:

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is a masterpiece. It’s not perfect but it can be considered a real premium phone. Well, it’s priced at over $500 so it’s expensive for most people but still lower than other phones from Samsung and Huawei. The base model is only about $475 in the United States.

The screen scratches at a normal level 6 with a deeper groove at level 7. The dual selfie cameras are protected by glass so they’re safe. Some of the parts scratch but that’s normal although we’re impressed at the back panel. The sliding mechanism feels tight.

The display under a lighter shows a non-recovering white mark after 20 seconds but doesn’t damage the device’s performance. As for the bend test, it’s nerve-wracking at first because of the different design but the phone has passed with flying colors.