Andy Rubin Vice President of Engineering Google, had a conversation with Walt Mossberg (All Things Digital), and talked about Google’s plan for an enterprise version of the Nexus One. They also talked about Google’s vision on the way phones should be bought and sold.

The Google Nexus One just arrived a few days ago and Andy Rubin is already talking about the next version of the Nexus One Superphone. Apparently, it will be an enterprise edition for business users. That’s interesting enough for many people already, but it will be more interesting if you put a hardware keyboard on the Nexus One.

Rubin told Mossberg that an enterprise version of the Nexus One might support exchange and “might also have a physical keyboard”. Not only that, but he also said “it might be a world phone”, which is something that many of you want. Nothing specific was revealed on software for the enterprise version of the Nexus One.

What do you think, would you rather have a Nexus One with a physical keyboard, even if that means having a thicker device?


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