Will it Blend? - iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8

Weekends are all about watching fun, interesting, and weird videos on YouTube. We just featured the iPhone 8 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8 Speed Test and now here’s another video that will make you cringe in regret thinking it’s a waste of money. Then again, geeks who have the guts to do ‘Will it blend?’ videos usually receive the items for free.

Blendtec started the trend but since doing so is such a good YouTube bait, others have followed. Tech reviewer and YouTuber TechRax wanted to do a blender test with the iPhone because he hadn’t done so yet so here’s a new ‘Will it Blend?’ from him.

At first, we thought the iPhone 8 would survive because it was stuck. It was then realigned inside and the result was catastrophic. All the debris inside tell us the iPhone 8 will definitely blend. It’s not as durable. But when it’s time for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the premium flagship phone survived! Crazy? Watch the video again.

We’re not kidding when we say that Galaxy S8 is durable. It did blend but not completely. The phone remained intact, or at least, just the form and the glass. The battery is gone. We’re not sure if it’s because the blender isn’t Blendtec and only Cuisinart. We just know the Galaxy S8 uses Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and comes with a metal build.