In the usual BlendTec fashion today we have a treat for all of you happy tablet users. The folks from Will it Blend? have released an epic video showing off the Google Nexus 7 vs Apple’s iPad mini and the Kindle Fire HD. In their usual “comparison video” they show off just how well devices handle (or don’t handle) getting tossed into one of their popular blenders.

It’s all about the comparison right guys? I mean one might handle this better than the other, and thus sway your purchase decision right? I think my favorite part of the video is the beginning where he has to bust each tablet in half just to fit them inside the blender. I cringed during the Nexus 7 breakage, but rather enjoyed watching him smash the iPad mini — just like the Nexus 7 does.

I’m sure you’ve all seen this before so we’ll just skip the pleasantries, or unpleasantries and let you all enjoy the awesomeness that ensues in this video. We proudly present you the Will it Blend iPad mini and Nexus 7 edition — oh and that one Amazon tablet too. (Hint: They all lose!)

Smells like Google!

In the end what do you guys think. Who won this epic battle of the blenders? The fact that the Nexus 7 took more tries for the initial break gives it a W in my win-lose column, but I’m sure everyone has their own opinions here. Based off the ending it looks like the all lost this battle — just like my NFL Fantasy Football team this year. I’m a bit sad they ruined all these excellent tablets but what can you do?

[via Droid-Life]



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