British phonemaker Wileyfox may not be popular all over the world but it’s widely known in Europe for coming up with budget-friendly phones. They can be more affordable if you’re willing to see ads on the lockscreen. It’s like those Amazon exclusive phones that are significantly lower as long as it’s okay with you to see ads on the screen. That’s how these guys make more money and are able to offer their products at such lower prices.

Wileyfox has started to sell an Add-X version of some of its phone models. Ads that will be shown are targeted and for the source to know what you may be interested in, you only need to enter your birthdate and gender. Based on what you will dismiss or engage with, Wileyfox will look at those to know what ads can be served. Your information are safe because past the lockscreen, even if you choose to check a promo, Wileyfox won’t collect any data.

Rest assured, Wileyfox will only show ads that are age-appropriate. You can easily dismiss them on the lockscreen and they won’t overshadow the other notifications and widgets. For some people, they can be a nuisance but that’s why it’s discounted. Having to see ads on your mobile device can be annoying but a £70 off the original price is worth it.

VIA: Engadget

SOURCE: Wileyfox