Wil Wheaton recently took to his Google+ page looking for anyone that had successfully rooted the HTC One. As it turns out, Wheaton was able to unlock the bootloader, but he could not get it to mount any partitions when he booted into recovery. As per his words, this process had him “about to scream.” Anyway, it seems that his pain and suffering has actually lead to a new tool that should help others through the HTC One rooting process.

That tool is coming by way of Koush, who has taken to his Google+ page to announce the Wil Wheaton Recovery tool. Koush has said “tough bootloaders call for an even tougher recovery” and as a result, we now have the Wil Wheaton Recovery tool that will “offer to root your device if root access is missing.” This is said to be a limited edition item and will work with AT&T and T-Mobile branded handsets.

The process begins with the user flashing the Wil Wheaton Recovery tool with fastboot. And as always, if this makes little or no sense, you either need to do a bit of research or simply skip the rooting process. That warning out of the way, after flashing you will boot recovery and then reboot back to Android once in the recovery menu.

This is where this tool makes it easy. Before the recovery actually exits, it will prompt you to install root. After this, once you are rooted you fire up your device, launch the Google Play Store and download (install and run) the Superuser app which will then complete the rooting process. Basically, thanks to Wil Wheaton having some issues, the HTC One root process has been simplified for all.

[via Google+ Koushik Dutta]