Searching for any type of information on the internet, whether it’s from Yahoo, Bing, or Google – almost always provides you a link to Wikipedia. Although Wikipeda is not considered a credible website to use as a research source, the site does provide large amounts of information that can be seen as pretty much accurate and spot on with background and history on the searched topic. This week the Wikipedia app on Android received more than a beautiful facelift, and it’s looking good.

The Wiki app for Android was released back in February 2012, and hasn’t seen too many major updates since. Today is a time for change – the Wiki app for Android has received some Material Design love with new usability features. The updated app features images more prominently with parallax scrolling. Articles now feature a contextual-image and description at the header. Going hand-in-hand is an image viewer which allows you to tap an image to display as a larger pop-up panel – tapping again minimizes the image.

The new update includes the “read more” feature – which provides you three related pages to the searched topic. The search feature has been improved and includes a list of recently searched topics, but still retains a dull gray search bar.

The new updated app is staying current with material design influences and animations. Improving the app’s usability makes it look and feel more modern.

VIA: Google Play Store