If you were one of the many interested in the upcoming WikiPad gaming tablet equipped with a Tegra 3 quad-core processor, today we have bad news. The tablet was initially supposed to launch this week, and hit GameStop stores nationwide, but instead it has been delayed until further notice. Instead of launching yesterday the team sent out a press release detailing why we’re seeing a delay.

The 10-inch tablet rocking a powerful quad-core processor that neatly slides right into a gamepad for a full gaming experience is apparently having some troubles with “bundles.” While we aren’t sure the exact cause for the delay, the developers stated it had nothing to do with hardware. Here’s what they had to say:

“The Wikipad team has been relentlessly working with our manufacturers and partners to perfect the Wikipad bundle to ensure our first product is the best tablet and entertainment experience at launch,” the developers said. “There is a last minute opportunity to enhance the Wikipad bundle as well as a minor refinement needed to ensure our first customers are completely satisfied with the Wikipad.”

So it looks like they are doing a bit of refinement to the hardware and or software, as well as improving the bundle option for those who will be picking up this piece of gaming equipment. For those that pre-ordered the WikiPad we don’t have a new release date or any further details, but they did state pre-order customers would receive a special bonus gift once it finally ships. Maybe some free games?

This 10-inch quad-core powered tablet won’t be seeing shelves and gamers hands quite yet, and at this point we aren’t sure when it will actually become available. For now we’ll just have to wait and see what the developers have planned, what they offer on release date, and we’ll update once we hear more. Were you interested in the WikiPad?

[via SlashGear]