Wikipad has unveiled their latest mobile gaming device, the Gamevice. This is one that appears to have the company shifting from the tablet space like we saw with the Wikipad 7. And instead, the Gamevice will be more a controller with support for multiple mobile operating systems. Along with support for Android, Wikipad has said there will be support for Windows 8.

There was also hints of iOS support, but for now the only two specifically mentioned were Android and Windows. In terms of the actual device, the Gamevice will have controls on both sides with a bridge that connects them. The bridge will expand or collapse so it can work with smartphones of multiple sizes.

As for the game controls — the Gamevice will be sporting dual analog sticks, both L1/R1 and L2/R2 analog buttons, an analog D-pad and four analog action buttons. Or as the folks at Wikipad have said, that means the Gamevice will have “every button gamers already use” and that they will be “in a form factor that will be familiar.”

That said, while we know about the support, and we even know about the button setup and how the controller will attach to devices — there are some key specifics still missing. Wikipad has yet to offer anything solid in terms of when the Gamevice will be available, or how much it will cost. To that point, they haven’t even offered any hints in terms of those missing details.

SOURCE: Gamasutra