Can you live without WiFi? I know I can’t. While a fast WiFi connection can always be considered as heaven-sent, having access to it all day long definitely drains the phone’s battery faster than ever. The easiest thing to do is to disable WiFi for a while or during your own downtime. A new app called WiFi Saver can help manage your WiFi connection so you can save battery. What it does is simply turn off WiFi when it’s not connected to a network or when there is no active connection.

Some important features of the app include Basic Saver and Low Strength Saver modes. There’s a Lock feature that will enable Mods in Locked Status. You can also set to do the following: Random Auto Connect, Specific Auto Connect, Enable WiFi When Unlocked, and Disable WiFi When Locked. Or if you just want to disable WiFi in a specific time, you can use the Basic Timer or the Specific Auto Connect Time. Feel free to set a customer delay for Saver or Auto Connect Mods with the Custom Service Delay and Custom Auto Connect Delay features.

The app developer wrote some important notes for the users, make sure you enable selected Saver Mods or Auto Connect Mods by checking or unchecking the Lock option. The app relies on network strength. When number drops below 30, WiFi saver will disconnect and disable your WiFi connection automatically.

Download WiFi Saver – Ultimate Manager from the Google Play Store



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