Here is a new wearable technology that can be used anywhere. WHOOP 4.0 is a platform you can use 24/7. It comes in a smaller form but packs a lot of smart functions at a worthy price. The company, WHOOP, has announced the new WHOOP 4.0 which is described as a digital fitness and health coach. It offers a new sensor configuration and a host of new features. WHOOP 4.0 is smaller compared to WHOOP 3.0 but offers a 5-day battery. The wearable features 5 LEDs on the active sensor area, four photodiodes, and advanced algorithms.

The improved sensor configuration allows more accurate heart rate measurements. Several new features are ready including Sleep Coach with Haptic Alerts that can wake you up with gentle vibrations. There is the Pulse Oximeter that can calculate blood oxygen levels (SPO2).

The Skin Temperature Sensor offers new information about the body of the wearer. The Health Monitor can check one’s live heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, skin temperature, heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and respiratory rate.

WHOOP Battery Pack 4.0 is also included for on-the-go charging. It is waterproof and can really last long with cell configuration improvements.

The WHOOP team will offer membership so you can get in-app updates and quick upgrade to the latest version. WHOOP Founder & CEO Will Ahmed described WHOOP as “the most innovative product we have ever released”.

WHOOP Body comes with Any-Wear Technology. It enables WHOOP 4.0 to collect data with accuracy from areas of the body like the waist, torso, and calf. WHOOP has also introduced a Fast Link Slider so swapping bands is easy. There are also SuperKnit and HydroKnit Bands that are comfortable, durable, and fast-drying.


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