It feels like yesterday that I was sitting down at the kitchen table, learning how to read in none other than a Disney book. Fast forward to today, and you can teach your child how to use a mobile phone (and hopefully read) with the new “Where’s my Mickey?” Google Play Android application.

In the Exclusive trailer for the game (Which you can see below) we see that Mickey needs help getting water to set up a tourist lemonade stand next to a saltwater beach. Him and his friends must use mini-games to control the weather and obtain fresh water, and all the ingredients needed to stop all the tourists from going thirsty. It’s a cute take on something so simple, and something so summery.

When we take a better look at the screenshots, we see an in depth game with a lot of character. One of the most intriguing things to us is the dynamic weather change. Although we’re not sure how that would work in a cartoon based game, it’s an interesting idea, and clearly adds a bit of a challenge into the general mix.


Lastly, at the end of the trailer, we see that there will be more mini-games added to the game, as well as more characters to come. Although this game may not be entirely suited to adults (we do know a couple who would like it however) it does breathe a breath of fresh air; it’s cartoon based.

Where’s my Mickey is available on Google Play now.

SOURCE: Google Play