When you have a smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S10 and its multiple rear and front-facing cameras, choosing which of them to use is easy if you’re using the phone’s camera app itself. But if you’re using an app’s camera instead, you won’t be able to choose which one you can use. Well, except WhatsApp apparently. There’s a workaround to switching between your multiple cameras and all you have to do is switch between the front and rear cameras.

According to an article on SAM Mobile, WhatsApp allows you to manually choose which camera you can use when taking a photo from within the app. It’s a bit of a workaround but it does work. Every time you switch between the front and rear cameras, the app also alternates between your primary rear camera and your ultra-wide camera.

Basically, what happens is that if you start using the primary rear camera from within WhatsApp then switch to the front-facing one then switch back to the rear camera, you are then in the ultra-wide camera mode. If you want to go back to the primary rear camera again, you just have to switch to the front then back to the rear and presto, you have your primary camera back again.

Consequently, switching back and forth between the rear and selfie cameras will also let you change the field of view for your front-facing camera, from the cropped view to the 80-degree field of view. It will be just like what it does for your rear camera. So if you constantly want to switch between the various cameras, it might take you a bit of time.

The solution would be of course to just use your phone’s native camera but if you wanted to use a third-party app’s camera, only WhatsApp has this work-around. It will work in devices other than the Galaxy S10 as long as you have an ultra-wide camera.