If you like creating different stickers for messaging apps, you’ll now have a new “toy” to explore if you’re a WhatsApp user. The web version of Meta’s (formerly Facebook, if you’ve been living under a rock) messaging service now has a built-in sticker maker so you’ll be able to turn your images into stickers that you can send during the most opportune moments when it’s the best way to express yourself. It will soon be coming to the desktop version and eventually the mobile app as well.

The Verge shares how you’ll be able to create stickers on the WhatsApp web version. When you tap the paperclip/attachment icon, you can tap on the Sticker button and then choose the image that you want to turn into a sticker and upload it. You can then draw an outline around the subject so you can remove the unnecessary objects around it. You can also crop the images but remember that it always has to be in a square aspect ratio.

You can also add other things on top of the image like emoji, text, or even other WhatsApp stickers. There may also be other customization options available since after all, these stickers need to be as fun and as creative as you want it. Previously, you could already create stickers for WhatsApp but only through third-party services. Having a built-in tool from the app itself is almost always better especially in terms of compatibility.

It looks like this sticker maker will soon be available on the app version, or at least the beta version, as it has been spotted by 91mobiles.com. The app shows a create text and a + icon that is probably the upload icon for the images. Of course there will be customization tools as well but the current screenshots don’t show any of those tools yet. It should be available soon on the beta version although there’s no confirmation yet.

The WhatsApp mobile app seems to be working on increasing the time limit before you can delete the messages for everyone in the chat. Currently, the limit options are 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds. It might be expanding to 6 days eventually both for the desktop and mobile as well.