Everyone who sends emails or messages has probably at one point or another regretted something that they sent, either in a fit of anger or because they drunk messaged someone or just in hindsight, it wasn’t their best idea. And in an era of “nothing really disappears on the Internet”, you’d want something that will be deleted forever. The closest thing that WhatsApp has to this is something that they’re beta testing and that is how to recall and delete messages that you’ve already sent.

Since this feature is still in its beta phase, you won’t be able to see it just yet unless you’re one of the app’s beta testers. If the latter, then you will be able to test out this ability to delete messages even after you’ve sent them. When you do decide to recall your message, the recipients will only be able to see something like “This message was deleted” unlike with other apps (ehem, Messenger) that only deletes what’s on your side, but still retains what the recipient sees.

This feature will be especially useful for those who are prone to send impulsive messages for one reason or another, but later on, regrets doing so. However, when the recipient screen caps said message for posterity and decide to upload it somewhere, then yes, the Internet really does remember.

Since this is in beta testing mode, there’s no guarantee as to when this will make it to the main app or even if it will actually eventually make it. But it probably will, since this will be pretty useful. We’ll just have to wait for an official announcement.