When you message friends and colleagues through any of the free messaging apps, chances are you not just chat or exchange pictures, GIFs, stickers, etc. You sometimes need to send different kinds of files, whether for work or even just for leisure. WhatsApp previously did not have any file sharing feature but thankfully they’re making up for it now as the latest update allows you to send any kind of file over to your contact through the messaging app.

Previous updates included the ability to share documents like doc, csv, ppt, txt, and other basic document formats. But the latest update, which only started rolling out yesterday, allows you to send any kind of file, whether it’s other media types, zip files, even APKs for those who like installing apps in that format. But of course there’s a limit to the size of the file you can send. For Android users, the maximum you can send is 100MB while web users can only send up to 64MB.

The changelog also includes other minor things. You can now swipe up from the in-app camera in order to see your photos and videos from your gallery. You can also now apply bold, strikethrough, or italics to the word you’re typing in simply by long pressing on the text. It also says there are various design improvements for voice and video calls.

The update may not yet be available for some but go ahead and check WhatsApp’s Google Play page so you can see if you already have it for your app. You can also download it through an APK Mirror.

SOURCE: Reddit