There are times that some intense conversations are better had with you typing away on your desktop keyboard rather than swiping away on your virtual one. Or there are also times when you can’t use your mobile phone but need to keep a conversation going. If you have a WhatsApp account and Google Chrome on your desktop, that’s now possible as the messaging service is now available on the Web.

But the desktop/web version will only work on the Chrome browser and also for devices that are not iOS. When you go into your WhatsApp app on your Android, Windows Phone, or even Blackberry, you will see a “WhatsApp Web” screen. All you need to do is scan the QR code on the web portal of WhatsApp, and if you’re on Chrome, then it should start working already.

Once you’ve already linked to your WhatsApp account, you can start chatting away with your friends and loved ones. But make sure that your mobile phone is connected to the Internet during the whole session, or it will not work. If you suddenly turn it off or accidentally switch to airplane mode, then the session on your web browser will end. Since it’s still early days for the web version, expect some kinks and bugs to come up.


There’s no word yet on whether they will eventually be expanding this to other web browsers or to iOS, due to some platform limitations from Apple. So for now, Android mobile phones (and Windows and Blackberry too) should enjoy having WhatsApp on the web, even if you have to download Chrome for it.

VIA: SlashGear



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