If you’re pretty active on WhatsApp or any messaging app for that matter, you probably receive a lot of forwarded messages that are the modern day equivalent of chain letters. Even worse, a lot of them are actually spam or even fake news / propaganda, and you’ve probably wasted a few seconds or minutes of your life reading through them. Now the messaging app from Facebook is giving you a simple tool so you can now distinguish those kinds of messages from the “regular” ones.

The tool is actually quite simple. Once you update your WhatsApp to the latest version, you’ll see a label above messages that have been forwarded. It simply says, what else, “forwarded”. It will help you distinguish messages that were originally written or those that came from somewhere else. This is especially useful if you’re in a group chat where messages fly left and right but it’s also found on one-in-one conversations so you can see if your friend is actually talking to you or just forwarding messages.

This is also one way for WhatsApp to discourage people from just forwarding messages even if the source or text isn’t verified. Well, if people continually do that, maybe just having a forwarded label may not be enough to stop them from their habit. But they also remind people that they can report spam or block contacts who are just continually sending messages like these.

You can update your WhatsApp Android app to the latest version so you can start seeing the forwarded label already.

SOURCE: WhatsApp